Monday, February 20, 2017

Week  5 Update

The Experiential Education Design team has been busy developing goals and a timeline as well as conducting site visits to model programs. Their focus is on enhancing student learning by "using real world situations and resources." They have identified what will be needed in order to launch the Rochester School of Discovery in September 2018 and have a clear set of expected results for students. Along with the other two Design Teams, the experiential group will meet for a final work session on Thursday, February 23rd in Bethel.

The High School Design Team has developed core values and expected benefits of consolidation. During their work in Week 5, this group discussed possible course offerings and scheduling in greater detail. The Team believes that expanding course options and adding flexibility to the schedule are among the greatest benefits of consolidation and they are working to identify different classes and schedules to improve student learning opportunities.  

After reviewing their site visit to Rutland, Middle School Design Team members focused their work this week on identifying core values of the new middle school program. These values grow from themes discussed throughout the design process and components team members deemed essential for the new middle school. Work will continue between meetings, with 7 team members slated for a visit to Crossett Brook Middle School on Monday and online work translating the Team's efforts into a clear, simple matrix introducing the new middle school to our communities.

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